@start_the_cycle thank you for inspiring us to be optimistic! http://t.co/RXxA3Djd6M
@start_the_cycle Thank you for your continued perseverance! #epicride #trueselflessness http://t.co/leOXXpB6V2
Check out our All-Stars in action at the 2014 Live Fit Challenge! Thank you @10TV for covering it! http://t.co/nkklvwWsyx #comittobefit
@PriscillaTyson we will see you next year! You are always welcome to programming throughout the year!
RT @PriscillaTyson: @ASASOhio sorry I couldn't be there with you all this year. Looks like you all had fun. #Letsmove
RT @CD_one3: @ASASafterschool @mdot_23 @drizzo2 @ASASOhio it was awesome! Thanks for having us out.
Thank you to @LimitedBrands volunteers today! http://t.co/bRnCbPfb3T
RT @ASASafterschool: @MusclepharmPres @ketch @Schwarzenegger love that you joined @ASASOhio for #LiveFit! Between you & @FOXSportsOH, ther…
Thank you @MetroPCS for being a Silver Sponsor at the 2014 Live, Fit Challenge! http://t.co/WFbnfy6WBs
Thank you to our @Walmart volunteers, helping out at the Live, Fit Challenge! Serving over 1,000 inner-city youth! http://t.co/DXj3Yq05P9
@MusclepharmPres @MusclePharm http://t.co/yLMaVfumsq
Can you spot @MusclepharmPres leading over 1,000 students in a fitness clinic? @MusclePharm #healthylife #livefit #asasohio
Great to see @MusclePharm and @MusclepharmPres at the 2014 Live,Fit Challenge! #livefit http://t.co/WK3NriZtYJ
@TheFirstTee of Central Ohio is participating in the Live, Fit Challenge http://t.co/YekSNdgjqT
@RoyalArts at the Live, Fit Challenge! Thank you for being here! http://t.co/yZCoBiGs05
RT @AmeriCheer87: @AmeriXavier shows @ASASOhio kids how to use a megaphone to make some noise for your team! http://t.co/igWroEw5RS
RT @SportsTimeOhio: .FS Ohio Girls Kristine helping lead a Yoga workshop at @ASASOhio Live Fit Challenge. https://t.co/O3N02GXRD1
RT @JonicaShoeLover: Intern-style volunteering with @ASASOhio ! Woo hoo! #DSW #ShoeLoversCare #AfterschoolAllStarsOhio http://t.co/EGWE5l…
RT @FSOhioGirls: We're ready for our LiveFit day with @ASASOhio at the Ohio State Field House! -K & S http://t.co/bQiGu965a4
RT @AmeriCheer87: Staffers @AmeriXavier & @AmeriStephanie are getting ready for @ASASOhio Live Fit Challenge! http://t.co/SSNtEI8k7m
RT @ASASafterschool: Today our @asasohio Youth Advisory Board member met @RepBeatty and thanked her for supporting #afterschool programs. h…
Out All-Star had a chance to talk to @senrobportman today! Thank you for your support! @ASASafterschool http://t.co/pYjgPhmeo4
Our All-Star talking with @RepBeatty right after she passed a bill! @ASASafterschool http://t.co/xs8aNy3mAz
Thanks to @FOXSportsOH for publishing an amazing article about Marc Purslow @start_the_cycle http://t.co/HAHOZcTMWz
RT @ASASafterschool: Our @ASASOhio kids celebrated the 4th by riding on the @MetroPCS Red, White and Boom parade float! #summer #July4th ht…
RT @ASASafterschool: #EPICRide across America for @ASASOhio kicked off today! 4300 miles of solo cycling! Watch the video and #SUPPORT! htt…
RT @ASASafterschool: Why does @start_the_cycle hope something will go wrong on this summer's 4300 mile solo #bike ride for @ASASOhio? http:…
RT @ASASafterschool: Support our @ASASOhio kids! This t-shirt will go to support them as part of the @start_the_cycle 4300 mile #EpicRide h…
RT @ASASafterschool: @ChrOShaughnessy we hear that you helped @ASASOhio kick off @start_the_cycle! Check out these cool #EpicRide shirts ht…
RT @ASASafterschool: Our @ASASsouthfl alum Tiandre with @FLOTUS as part of @summerlearning Day! #SLD2014 So proud of this All-Star! http://…