@SpacejunkMedia reading their one of a kind mint condition Darth Vadar. Thank you for all your hard work! http://t.co/GegPcfCKI2
Our All-Stars wishing @BlueJacketsNHL good luck tonight! Can't wait to watch the game on @FOXSportsOH http://t.co/PweHaA73dQ
RT @jer_stewart: S/o to @ASASOhio for working with my team on our client project. We are so appreciative of your cooperation and informatio…
Great to have guest speaker, Marc Purslow from Start the Cycle talk to our All-Stars at Columbus Collegiate Academy. http://t.co/G8RFDSG2Eh
RT @WillAllenWAF: S/O to the Dayton All-Stars!! Good work“@ASASOhio: Our Dayton All-Stars in Tiara Club participating on a trust fall. http…
RT @NBAMathHoops: Great to see students from @ASASOhio enjoying @NBAMathHoops. They are doing some excellent work! http://t.co/irbeQblCic
No homework this week! Hope our All-Stars have a relaxing spring break! http://t.co/TNl34smUqN
Site staff hard at work starting the school garden at CCA West! http://t.co/skqv8f1Heb
Our Toledo All-Stars participating in a sack race a the Botanical Garden. http://t.co/kIgYOsZdNs
Students in our "Nature Explorers" class are having fun testing out the natural paintbrushes they made! http://t.co/PNmuG1RVNN
Our Dayton All-Stars in Tiara Club participating on a trust fall. http://t.co/g4oh5sdhgA
Who stole Beyonce's silver, sparkly shoe? All-Stars are hard at work collecting evidence! @SciGirls is a great class! http://t.co/zbRf43cU6x
Looks like another accidental twin day in the office again. #twinningiswinning http://t.co/xTHI7730YZ
What a fun group! Our All-Stars working together during enrichment hour. http://t.co/9VJyJDJAX1
Our All-Stars practicing driving at @magicmountain http://t.co/8XepBZuynZ
RT @ASASafterschool: Jessica, our National Youth Advisory Board Member from @asasohio was accepted at St. Francis DeSales High School! htt…
@NBAMathHoops is for all ages. Staff all the way down to elementary All-Stars enjoy it! http://t.co/11zpA0UTJh
@TheFirstTee @TFTCC
Our @TheFirstTee coaches working one on one with our All-Stars! http://t.co/myGbSUbesZ
Our All-Stars made constellations, then projected them on a wall. Thank you @SciGirls for the idea! http://t.co/gxTWRBj3EH
All-Stars learning about Animal science with http://t.co/HEs535mV4i
All-Stars enjoying @NBAMathHoops! http://t.co/t1JdD000tM
Our All-Stars took a brain break before hitting the books. #Timefor10 @OhioFirstLady http://t.co/9c1YfQbanG
Our All-Stars staying hydrated with our water bottles thanks to @nationwidekids and @idegy http://t.co/6z62qYQKD6
RT @ASASafterschool: ASAS Approach: "Student voice & choice help students discover their passions, ultimately leading to lifelong happiness…
Our All-Stars asking great questions during their C.E.O. trip to The Guernsey Bank. http://t.co/9ZOaZx4Nik
RT @CLE_Nate: Hope you guys had a good time! RT @ASASOhio: @ASASOhio All-Stars are excited for the @cavs game (cont) http://t.co/VDWJjYyXut
All-Stars in the Sauder Village class built wigwams yesterday! How cool! #wigwamwednesday http://t.co/JYTNiCjthl
Behind the scenes production at the @cavs http://t.co/y3sWkdpLD7
@ASASOhio All-Stars watching the @cavs warm up. Thanks @FOXSportsOH http://t.co/opQBFkDuhL