RT @Mid_OHFoodbank: It's easy to #FightHunger #SparkChange! Take a pic of you & 5 friends w/ #WeSparkChange & @WalmartHub will donate $10 t…
#WeSparkChange #GiveBack We took the challenge, u can too! Check out this link for more info: http://t.co/ulxFGi1Lgn http://t.co/NCsQhtcQ1o
#GYSD continues for our all-stars! #giveback #volunteer #afterschool http://t.co/kNDxCCAhDz
We upcycled on #GYSD2015! At Champion we spent #GYSD making birdhouses, lanterns, and suncatchers! http://t.co/MzZFR6Dvb9
Here is a sneak peek of our students trip to The Ohio State University sponsored by @FifthThird ! http://t.co/JEMYj3cTy7
Today at CCA Dana--we're learning first aid survival tips! http://t.co/FeUUPCHO27
Here are a few pictures from our CCA Main Artist class! http://t.co/VgEr2hm3ue
Let's get active indoors! The rain isn't slowing us down in Ohio! #fit #exercise http://t.co/QJTeVCBvHP
We did the #WeSparkChange challenge 2fight hunger @ChrOShaughnessy u have 48 hrs 2 do the same http://t.co/ulxFGi1Lgn http://t.co/U5lsfAYjGm
RT @JustinEdgell: I did the #WeSparkChange challenge 2 fight hunger @BradPettiford23 U have 48 hrs 2 do the same http://t.co/6o7A6de5CM htt…
#FBF to our field trip to @EastonTownCtr at @CbusLocal, where our girls sold lip care products they made! http://t.co/HfmqZkJ0lT
Here are a few pics from our @NBAMathHoops trip to @TheQArena! What a great time it was for our Moler all-stars! http://t.co/JIrSd1Kltf
Excited to be at the @NBAMathHoops state championship at @TheQArena! #MolerElementary #GoAllStars
Here are socks that students tie-dyed in their first art class yday, they're drying in our office now! #lifetweet http://t.co/KINP13bFri
Last of our chess session with 1st and 2nd graders at #WalbridgeElementary! What a great time it's been! @TPSProud http://t.co/y6vR81X964
What a great time @COSI! Our all-stars had a blast!
The importance of afterschool programs cannot be stressed enough. Here are @Schwarzenegger and @rodpaige: http://t.co/ytDjYr7T8Y
Special thanks to @letestu17 for giving our all- stars the opportunity to be at the @BlueJacketsNHL game.
We are excited to be at the @BlueJacketsNHL game tonight with students from Champion Middle School and @CCASTRIVE Main. #GoJackets
RT @ASASafterschool: Thanks to @TezaTechCompany for supporting ASAS! @Schwarzenegger http://t.co/h6FOaxEOKp
RT @ericgurna: "It's not enough for us to just solve problems, we have to create problem solvers."-@tferriss at #Afterschool Summit
RT @ASASafterschool: "I want more robots! More robots in #afterschool programs!" @plibin @evernote
RT @UCIrvine_CASE: @GovArnoldUSC "Schools are set up to teach skills but not to teach youth how to find something they love to do" #Afters…
RT @edafterschool: "Everyone should be able to find what they love to do."- @evernote CEO. #AfterSchool great way to find passion. @aftersc…
RT @ericgurna: "#Afterschool programs should have a feel. It should be, 'it's 3pm, schools over, let the fun begin' . . . improvisational"-…
RT @LAsBEST: "School is over and now the fun begins." @Schwarzenegger on the feel of #afterschool programs.
RT @ASASafterschool: "It's 3pm and now the fun begins!" says @Schwarzenegger. #Afterschool programs bring hands-on learning that is FUN! #I…
RT @afterschool4all: .@google's Director of Education Maggie Johnson: Every single kid should have the opportunity to take part in an #afte…
RT @ericgurna: We should help kids develop passion and vision, not just push them to go to college no matter what.- @Schwarzenegger at #Aft…
RT @NYSAN: @Schwarzenegger: We need to be helping kids find their vision #afterschool lets kids do all kinds of interesting things to find …