Excited about celebrating Halloween at Moler Elementary on Thursday with @metropcs!
Our students at CCA Dana did an awesome project in support of #lightsonafterschool @afterschool4all @OhioAfterschool http://t.co/9crJZKFT9G
These are our students! Working Hard, Having Fun, Making a Difference #lifeserviceaction @ASASafterschool http://t.co/dtBEeU5w7Z
Last Saturday was absolutely the best!! #MakeADifference Day was a huge success.Thanks @MetroPCS http://t.co/autykghDrT
You're a lifesaver @Starbucks 13861 Hot coffee on a cool #MakeADifference day in Columbus, OH! http://t.co/cMGb6nd4L6
Thanks @MetroPCS breakfast & prizes!!!! What awesome start to the day! @asas http://t.co/GPUCV2Njmh
Great day to #makeadifference! Happy Make a Difference Day from Blackburn! Thanks @MetroPCS @ColsRecPark http://t.co/GHgC27Enlg
JOIN us tomorrow for #MakeaDifference Day at 9am at the Blackburn Community Center @ColsRecPark w/ @MetroPCS #Giveback
The kids really enjoyed their time at the #LightsOnAfterschool event! Thank you @VoiceOhioKids & @OhioAfterschool! http://t.co/g6PX0NKldQ
RT @benevon: Warmed up & ready 4 @ASASNewYork @ASASOhio @LancasterHFH @NWAutism @THCdc @WTEF_DC @BUILDNational @ParkviewFDNs to join us tmw…
RT @benevon: Another great 101 workshop with @ASASnewyork @ASASOhio @BUILDNational @LancasterHFH @NWAutism @ParkviewFDNs @thcdc @WTEF_DC #…
Good luck! @Benevon @ASASOhio @ASASNY @ASAS Have an awesome productive day!
Join us at 3pm for #lightsonafterschool Rally @ State House lawn. Support cause for free Afterschool education for kids @voiceohiokids @ASAS
Excited for @benevon tomorrow. Our team is excited and ready to collaborate with @ASASNewYork and @benevon team @ASAS
RT @afterschool4all: Our Opinion: More #afterschool programs needed - editorial in @BrattReformer (VT) http://t.co/MAMuUSMr2z #AmericaAfter…
We just received a @start_the_cycle donation in school supplies! Thank you! http://t.co/jxAF3o7mmD
Executive Director, Sienna Daniel, enjoying the @NAClassic! http://t.co/wPLesOIFgK
RT @Krinkrin23: Enjoy working w/ kids? Want to make money&feel good abt yourself? @ASASOhio is now hiring part-time program leaders! http:/…
RT @JustinEdgell: @ASASOhio needs Program Leaders. Check out the link 2 learn more about the position. http://t.co/CEdKCdvjuc #COLUMBUS #jo…
Biking to school is a good option! What do you think Marc @start_the_cycle? #epicride http://t.co/y6NtCopIvK
Marc @start_the_cycle started amid a hurricane but finished in the sunshine! #epicride #welcomehome http://t.co/sKvH5SFMd9
Congrats, Marc! Day 43, final day of an epic ride! You are amazing & have truly inspired us! @start_the_cycle @FSOhioGirls @ASASafterschool
@start_the_cycle again we say, "Go, Marc, Go!" #epicride http://t.co/zKS3dii4cK
14 states down! Only a few more days until the #epicride is complete! To learn more visit @start_the_cycle http://t.co/4XAdmWsgT4
Got biking on your mind? So do we! To learn more about Marc's #epicride checkout http://t.co/1HtjmA53dd http://t.co/FmiUFOGKew
@start_the_cycle we hope today is a lot better! #epicride http://t.co/Y4SQlvVbkC
2 flat tires won't stop this guy! Remember, supporting Marc impacts over 1,000 Ohio youth. http://t.co/1HtjmA53dd http://t.co/QKRynByE0C
Help ASAS Ohio continue to support Marc's beautiful ride! http://t.co/yNP5NlSJVa @start_the_cycle @ASASafterschool http://t.co/fB6fYdiZGU
Gratitude Monday! Thank you Marc @start_the_cycle for supporting our All-Stars. #epicride http://t.co/BZQMRMG2PH
Thank you to our amazing partner @Highlights for the August and September donation. #readingmatters http://t.co/ac2fc68t07